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5 Reasons Not To Sell Your Motorhome Privately

When the time comes to sell a motorhome, the first and most obvious option it comes to mind is selling it privately. With plenty of avenues to explore, it’s certainly a plausible prospect no matter what it is you have to sell.

The way we see it however, the private route to selling a motorhome never tends to be quite as smooth, simple or satisfactory as expected. In fact, we can think of at least five good reasons to think twice about selling your motorhome privately, perhaps considering our market-leading vehicle buying services instead.

And here they are:

1 – You’ll Waste Time
First of all, if you would prefer to get rid of your motorhome in a relatively short period of time, private selling generally isn’t the way to go. The reason being that when you take into account all the listings, descriptions, photographs and general marketing you’ll need to do to get your motorhomes in front of potential buyers, you’re looking at quite an investment of time to say the least.

2 – You’ll Waste Money
The same also goes for the costs attached to selling a motorhome privately, as even in instances where online listings and auctions are free; you will always be looking at some kind of commission when the sale goes through. While it’s fair to say that advertising and selling vehicles by traditional means isn’t necessarily expensive, it most certainly isn’t free of charge.

3 – You’re Not Guaranteed a Sale
Regardless of how much time and effort you invest in advertising your motorhome for sale, there are absolutely no guarantees whatsoever that anyone would want to buy it. One of the problems being that you may find yourself relatively limited in terms of the available buyer’s market, given the way in which those that aren’t located within the immediate vicinity may not be interested in traveling long distances to view and ultimately consider your motorhome. And the longer your motorhome remains unsold, the lower the price you can expect would-be buyers to be willing to pay.

4 – You’ll Attract Tyre-Kickers
And then of course it’s worth bearing in mind the frustration and wasted time that accompany those who really have no interest other than paying you visit to kick the tyres, ask hundreds of questions and walk away. This has a tendency to be one of the most annoying and inconvenient elements of selling any vehicle, though can be particularly time consuming and frustrating when selling a motorhome.

5 – You Might Get a Sub-Par Price
Last but not least, one of the single most important reasons to consider contacting a motorhome buying service before selling privately is the way in which you may instantly be offered a price you are happy with. Selling privately, it’s inevitable that you will have to do with quite a lot of haggling, bartering and being presented with quite ridiculous offers from those on the lookout for a bargain. And once again, the longer it takes you to actually get the thing sold, the lower its sale price will be.

All in all, it simply makes sense to speak to the team at BuyMyMotorHome.com, before going ahead with the private sale option!