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8 Expert Tips on How to Sell a Motorhome in Record-Breaking Speed

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So, it’s come time to sell your motorhome, but how and where do you even start?

Perhaps your RV is outdated and it’s time for an upgrade or your travel days are behind you? Whatever the case, selling a motorhome doesn’t have to be a complicated process. 

Yes, there is much to consider- should you sell privately, through or a broker or online? Learn a few sell motorhome tips and tricks in this blog and how to turn a profit in 8 simple steps. 

8 Simple Tips on How to Sell a Motorhome 

When it comes to decision time around selling a motorhome, there are a few fundamental steps to consider. 

All of these important steps play a huge role in the amount of profit you’re able to secure when selling your motorhome- whether it’s outdated or not.  

Here are 8 tips on the best way to sell an RV.

1. Preparation is Key 

First thing’s first, you’ll need to get your motorhome ‘showroom ready’ with a thorough clean and service. 

It’s most important to ensure it’s in tip-top condition for all potential buyers, after all, first impressions last! 

Make sure your motorhome is 100% free of odours and all upholstery and carpets are clean and stain-free. Your motorhome needs to be in a condition that you’d be willing to buy it in. 

2. Organise Your Paperwork 

With the rise in popularity of owning a motorhome in today’s day and age, it’s most likely that a ‘newbie’ will purchase your RV. 

This means that they rely on all the original paperwork, user manuals, and materials that came with your motorhome. Make sure all this paperwork is up-to-date, organised and in good condition, where possible. 

Make sure to prepare a summary of the maintenance costs you’ve incurred over the years so the new owner has an idea of what to expect. 

You can also include a fuel economy log and expected maintenance costs for the future in this summary. 

3. Have Your Motorhome Appraised 

Selling a motorhome that has served you and your family many happy years can be an emotional process. Determining the right price to sell it at can be equally difficult. 

This is why having your motorhome professionally appraised is a great way to remove all the emotion and attachment from the process.

You’ll be able to set a fair market-related price that won’t have you waiting an awfully long time to sell your motorhome. 

If you have your doubts on what a fair market-related price is, do your research on comparable RV’s for sale. Ask your insurance company, bank or original RV dealer for a professional appraisal.

4. Determine the Right Price 

While on the topic of price, you’ll want to set your selling price a little higher than what you’re willing to accept.

You should always expect to be haggled on your original asking price, so setting it a little higher will ensure you get a little bang-for-your-buck on your sale.

You should also specify ‘OBO’ in your selling post, meaning ‘Or Best Offer’. This helps to cut out the low ballers!

5. Provide as Much Detail as Possible

Whether you plan on selling privately, online or through a broker, make sure your sales pitch is as detailed as possible. This is especially important if you’re selling privately in order to avoid endless phone calls and messages about the same thing!

Update your listing with a FAQs section if you’re selling online so that the most common questions are answered right then and there.

Make sure to include details on your motorhome model, year of manufacture, specifics on interior details, functionality, mileage etc.

6. Provide Beautiful, Yet Accurate Photographs

Sure, you aim to provide only the most flattering images of your motorhome in your listing. But it’s also important to ensure these images are accurate i.e. a true representation of your motorhome.

It’s best to use a real camera and not a phone for these images. Take photos from all angles and provide as much detail as possible!

7. Sell to a Dedicated Motorhome Buyer

If you’re looking for one of the simplest and fastest ways to sell your motorhome, your best bet is with a dedicated motorhome buyer, such as Buy My Motorhome.

An authorised buyer will generally take in a motorhome of any make, model and year, and will even collect your motorhome at no cost to you. 

Selling your motorhome privately or with a dealer can be a time-consuming process, and you’re not always guaranteed the best price. 

A dedicated buyer offers a free valuation service and an on-the-spot offer, where all arrangements for payment and pickup are made thereafter.

Buy My Motorhome specialises in the purchase of motorhomes, RVs, campers, and campervans in all shapes, sizes, and condition.

Selling Privately

If you plan on selling your motorhome privately, you’ll need to formulate a strategy in order to get your RV in front of the right people. 

What will you do to ensure your motorhome stands out from all the others? This is where market research comes in handy. Make sure to maximise your selling opportunity by using all possible markets and methods.

A few ways to market your RV privately include:

  • Parking your motorhome in a highly visible area with a clearly marked ‘For Sale’ sign
  • Using local classifieds for marketing
  • Using online sales platforms for marketing
  • Using local campgrounds or motorhome parks for display
  • Using print media such as flyers to hand out
  • Leveraging social media- creating a sales post to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

And remember, you’ll be the one dealing with phone calls, messages, and emails!

8. Choose the Right Time to Sell

Listing your motorhome for sale at the wrong time of year can be disastrous. Try and avoid selling during the holiday season. Why? Well, it may seem like a good time to sell, but the truth is people are too busy to look around for good motorhome deals.

One of the best times to sell your RV is just after the holidays but before the summer months. Generally, close to the beginning of a new year when people begin to reminisce and plan summer getaways.

Looking to Sell Your Home on Wheels?

Looking to sell a motorhome? At Buy My Motorhome, we offer owners the opportunity to sell their pre-loved home on wheels for their best price. 

We purchase your motorhome for the best possible deal for both parties, no matter the make, model or age. 

Whether you own a campervan, camper or RV, we would be happy to evaluate your vehicle and take it off your hands! 

Contact Buy My Motorhome today for a free valuation of your motorhome.