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I Want to Sell My Motorhome Fast! 9 Essential Tips to Get Your Motorhome Sold ASAP

sell my motorhome

There are many circumstances in which selling your motorhome would make sense for your situation.

Maybe you’ve found a new motorhome that you’re interested in and selling your current one would justify buying the new model. Perhaps there’s a life situation that requires a lot of funds and selling the motorhome can help assist you financially.

Whatever the case might be, you may find yourself struggling to sell it the first couple of months that it’s been on the market.

If you’re thinking, what’s it going to take to sell my motorhome? Fear not, there are several things you can do. Here are a few tips on how to sell your motorhome faster.

1. Pick Where to Sell It

Deciding where you will attempt to sell your motorhome will set the tone for every other move you make in this process.

You don’t need to have specific buyers or websites in mind. All you need to figure out in the short term is whether you’d like to sell offline or online.

Selling it offline leaves you at the mercy of how many people locally are interested in purchasing a motorhome. That number is far smaller than if you’d sell it online.

Choosing to sell it online, on the other hand, gives you access to trusted motorhome buying services that can help you get the right price as quickly as possible.

2. Move the Clutter

If you’re going to place it on either the offline or online marketplace, you’ll need some pictures of the motorhome.

Nothing turns people off to buying a motorhome quicker than seeing pictures of a cluttered inside with all your belongings. It’s depressing.

You want to sell the potential within the space your motorhome has. Emptying it out for pictures will let potential buyer’s imaginations run wild. This will lead to the buyer building up a desire for your motorhome in their own minds.

3. Timing is Everything

You’ve undoubtedly heard this saying more than a few times in your life. Turns out that it rings true to motorhome selling tactics as well: timing is everything.

The marketplace for motorhomes is at its peak when spring starts to roll around. As such, you may want to consider sitting on selling your motorhome until then. You’ll have a higher likelihood of reaching your desired price point.

This step isn’t as important if you’re selling to a motorhome buying service. They’ll give you a fair price regardless of the timing, it’s one less thing you’d have to worry about.

4. Put Your Advertising Hat on

Whether you’re interested in selling it in your local newspaper or placing it online, you’ll need to write an ad for it.

But not just any ad, you want to write an ad that sells the sizzle of your unique motorhome.

What features does it have that buyers find desirable? How does it drive? What’s the mileage on it? Have you made any modifications to it?

You want your ad to deliver on relaying useful information that buyers are looking for while adding a little pizazz to make it stand out.

5. Scrub It Out

Before you place that bad boy on the market, you’ll want it looking as if it’s ready to attend a high school prom.

Cleanliness is vitally important to selling your motorhome, especially if you plan to do so online.

Buyers can appreciate that a motorhome has some usage behind it. However, they don’t want to see that usage in the form of stains and smudges.

Do everything like scrubbing the floors, vacuuming the carpet, washing the windows, waxing the outside, etc. to get it in tip-top shape for the next owner.

6. Give It a ‘Homey’ Feel

There’s no way of knowing what potential buyers envision for how they’ll use your motorhome once they buy it.

You can always ask them once they reach out to you, but that doesn’t help you get prepared for the marketplace.

One thing that every interested party can appreciate is a motorhome that looks comfortable and “homey” on the inside. It shows that not only can it fit people into it, but it also invites people into it.

Try doing things like placing flowers around it, comfy looking bedding and furniture, rugs, etc. to spice it up.

7. Find Someone You Can Trust

The buying process can be exhaustive even after you’ve found someone interested in your motorhome.

They want to make sure the motorhome is as great of shape as you claim it to be, while you want to make sure that the check comes in.

Both take a heavy load of trust between yourself and the buyer. Don’t just jump on the first offer you get. Take your time to gauge whether the buyer is someone you want to do a business transaction of this magnitude with.

8. Be Transparent

One of the worst things you can do is to lie about what you’re selling. In fact, it can come back to haunt you with the sale being voided.

Be honest and upfront about any fixes you’ve made to the motorhome and how it drives.

Don’t fib just to push the sale through. It will always come back to bite you, which may be in the form of forfeiting thousands of dollars.

9. Use a Motorhome Buying Service

Maybe the 8 prior tips sound like too much work for what you’re trying to pull off.

After all, you want to sell it as quickly as possible for a fair price. If that sounds like you, then a motorhome buying service is your best option.

They’ll help you evaluate your motorhome and give you an offer that can help you in a time of need.

Sell My Motorhome Quicker: Use a Buying Service

For anyone thinking I want to sell my motorhome quicker, the solution will always be using a motorhome buying service.

Be sure to read this page on how to sell your motorhome for more information on our valuation and buying process.

For more inquiries, please fill out or contact us form and we’ll be happy to assist you further!