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Buy My Motorhome

I was recently in the unusual situation (for me) of trying to sell a car privately. I’d forgotten how much hassle it is: Book a valeter – (Three week wait!). Get the car valeted. Hope the rain holds off so I can take photos of it while it’s still sparkling clean. Take the photos. Upload photos to my computer. Log in to Autotrader. Upload the photos. Write an accurate, impartial (ahem) description of the car. And of course, pay up front for the advertising. Do it all again for Ebay. And that’s all before the phone starting ringing and the emails started coming in!

Obviously the most commonly asked question was “What is the lowest you will take” – even from people on Ebay where there was an auction and a buy it now price. But then you get the just plain tiresome enquiries as well – will you swap it for my car? Can I come and see it on Saturday – don’t know what time. I don’t do Ebay, I’ll just bring cash. Etc, etc. The whole process is just hassle. Then I thought what a nightmare it must be trying to sell a motorhome privately.  And that was when I remembered why we started Buy My Motorhome in the first place, all those years ago…

Buy My Motorhome – A Business is Born

Buy My Motorhome came about because of the endless conversations we had with motorhome owners at the time who were having a hard time selling their motorhomes. (This was over ten years ago.) Back then, the choices were part exchange – not much good if you weren’t buying again. Trying to sell to a dealer – at a time when dealers weren’t buying. Or trying to sell privately – with all of the hassle that entails. People were literally desperate for an easy way to sell their motorhomes. You may have heard the saying “There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.”. Well, that was certainly the case with Buy My Motorhome – we were almost compelled to start the business. From day one the service was gratefully received by motorhome sellers and over the years we have gone on to make selling simple for thousands of motorhome owners.

Our Philosophy

OK, philosophy is a bit of a grand word for buying motorhomes, but we really do believe in what we do. The whole point of our service is to make it easy for you to sell your motorhome. And by easy, I mean just one phone call. We agree a price over the phone. Set a day and time to come and collect your motorhome. Make sure you have received payment from us and have cleared funds in your bank account. And then drive your motorhome away – simple. None of the work, hassle, fraud concerns and annoyances I experienced in trying to sell my car. Still, it was a nice way to remind myself why we love doing what we do and the value of the service we offer.

Sell your motorhome the easy way. You can call us on 01623 631102, email us here, or click on free online motorhome valuation.


Buy My Motorhome

Buy My Motorhome