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Get Out and Explore: Essential Motorhome Tips for Beginners

motorhome tips for beginners

There are an estimated 225,000 motorhomes in the UK.

The reason behind the rising popularity of motorhomes is not one that is hard to understand. If you are reading this, there is probably something you find alluring about the campervan lifestyle.

Motorhomes offer the ultimate form of freedom. They allow you to go wherever you want, at your own pace and convenience, and without having to stress about hotel costs and other such expenses.

However, there is a lot more to motorhomes than just picking one at the dealer and starting your vacation. This article offers motorhome tips for beginners to ensure that you get the most out it.

Motorhome Tips for Beginners

Before you start motorhoming, it is essential that you ensure that you know what you are getting into. Consider the following motorhome tips.

1. Choosing Your Motorhome

Motorhomes come in a wide range of makes and models. Therefore, it is essential that you carefully analyse your needs so you know what you are looking for.

It is best to start by asking for recommendations from friends or family who have some experience in motorhoming.

Also, consider going to motorhome shows. These expos are the best way to get a crash course on motorhoming since they are full of enthusiasts who are more than willing to share advice.

In addition to helping you find the most appropriate vehicle, you will also walk away knowing some unconventional motorhome tips and tricks that they picked up from experience.

Additionally, you could get to know some nice places to visit, great camping grounds, and what gadgets you need while on a trip.

While at it, ensure that you check out the most in-demand UK motorhome manufacturers.

2. Must-Haves

Your motorhome is no ordinary vehicle, ensure you meet the following requirements:

Driving License

Current laws stipulate that if you passed your test after 1 January 1997, you can only drive motorhomes not exceeding 3,500 kg unless you pass the CI test. If you passed the test before then, you can drive up to 7,500 kg.

However, if you are over 70 years old, you will need to submit a medical form so that your license can be renewed.

Motorhome Insurance

Due to the complexities of a motorhome, the law requires that you obtain motorhome insurance.

The kind of policy that is appropriate for you will depend on the amount of cover you need, the type of vehicle, and how often you are planning on using it.

3. Planning Your Trip

Check out travel guides and magazines to look for interesting spots you can visit. Ensure that you have an active GPS system to make your trip a lot smoother.

Also, make a checklist of all the things you will need during the trip. Ensure that your water tanks are full, all utilities are functioning correctly, and that you have spare tires.

In fact, this is why it is recommended that you spend the night before the trip with your motorhome. It will give you a good sense of how life will be like during your travels.

As such, you can make all the adjustments you need before you leave home.

4. Take Breaks

If everything checks out, you can now head off. However, it is important to take routine breaks to stretch and relax during your trip. Do not be in a rush to get to your destination. After all, that is why you are using the motorhome.

The point is to enjoy the trip, not to fatigue from it. If you have company with you, it is a good idea to switch drivers often.

5. Do Not Travel in Bad Weather

While you might consider yourself an expert driver, you will quickly realise that the size and mass of motorhomes do not allow you as much manoeuvrability as your normal car. Driving a motorhome in bad weather, therefore, is not advisable.

6. Drive Defensively

The length of the motorhome is a driving impediment due to the blind spots it causes. Therefore, ensure that you are actively monitoring what is going on around you.

As such, consider purchasing additional convex mirrors and attach them to the side-view mirrors. This will improve your visibility.

7. Campsite Reservations

While planning the trip, ensure that you mark out all the campsites on the map. While on the road, estimate the campground that you will likely spend the night in and make reservations in advance.

This will ensure that you get a spot that is convenient for your motorhome waiting for you.

Beginners typically make the mistake of pulling up to a campsite thinking they will find space, only to be turned away.

8. At the Campsite

Since you have been using up amenities such as water and electricity, the first thing you should do is to fill up on these things.

Look for the water tap and fill up your tank. Next, ask the campsite manager/owner to help you get power for the motorhome’s electricity.

Also, do not forget to empty your loo and waste water tank. The campground usually has a place to do that.

Next, inspect your vehicle for faults and get them fixed.

9. Protecting Your Investment

Your motorhome needs all the care you can afford it so that it can serve you for a long time. Thus, in addition to regular servicing, ensure that you have appropriate storage for it.

If you live in colder areas, then ensure that your motorhome’s water system is designed to handle freezing conditions.

Over time, however, the motorhome’s exterior will begin showing signs of wear due to exposure to the elements. This happens sooner if you use the vehicle often.

If that is your lifestyle, then consider getting a new paint job every few years. Additionally, while not in use, make sure that you protect it with a breathable, water-resistant cover.

Looking to Get a Motorhome?

A motorhome is one of life’s little pleasures that you should spoil yourself with. It allows you to enjoy freedom in its purest form.

However, you need to ensure that you are prepared for it. The above motorhome tips for beginners should help you with that.

Are you looking to sell your motorhome? Buy My Motorhome helps motorhome owners looking to sell their vehicles a hassle-free experience while getting their worth. Contact us today, and we will handle the rest for you.