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Keep Her Ready for the Road: 8 Motorhome Maintenance Tips

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For most of us, our campervans are a home away from home. Out on the open road, feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin, us campervan addicts are seriously happy campers. But to keep living the good life, we need to talk motorhome maintenance.

Like a regular house, a motorhome needs some TLC. And like a car, your motorhome’s mechanics will need some thought and attention. And if you’re selling your motorhome, good maintenance will ensure the best bang for your buck.

So, how can you keep your home on wheels in tip-top shape? Check out our 8 RV maintenance tips to find out.

1. Give Your Camper a Spring Cleaning

While this may sound like the cleaning world’s biggest cliché, there’s a reason spring is a great time to give your camper a big old clean. Our British winters — love them though we do — are damp.

Our motorhomes get damp from the fog, damp from the seemingly endless drizzle, and damp from the buckets of rain. And if the season’s been anything like this winter in 2019, it’ll get damp from some snow, as well!

Damp leads to mould, which is terrible for your health. So, once the weather brightens up in the spring, get out there and give your camper a good old scrub. And in the winter months, turn on the radiators in your RV once in a while.

2. Open Up Those Windows

Following on from our last point, another reason why mould develops is due to locked-in moisture and condensation. And the dark spots behind beds, at the back of cold kitchen cupboards and in the shower are some of the worst affected.

Stale air, dust and grime all contribute to respiratory issues, ongoing colds and infections. To counter this, regularly open all the windows in your motorhome. Like your nanna used to say, it’s nothing some fresh air and sunshine won’t take care of.

3. Have a Gander at Your Roof Joins

The roof on your RV is really what makes this moving house a home, so you need to keep it in tip-top shape. Check for leaks, gaps or movement in your roof, and make this a regular feature of your maintenance routine.

If you notice any issues, get them looked at immediately. After all, keeping a watertight mobile home is essential for a top-end valuation of your motorhome. By sorting out problems as soon as they crop up, it’ll be easier on your wallet too.

4. Check the Appliances Are Firing on All Cylinders

To enjoy all the home comforts possible while you’re on the open road, you’ll want all your appliances to be working properly. After all, you don’t want to be caught short with a duff hob or cold oven when you’re about to cook your dinner.

Regularly check the appliances in your motorhome and make sure they turn off and on. Run your shower and its water heater, check your oven, and if you use gas, make sure you’ve got a full canister before you set off.

5. Check Your Awning and Any Moving Parts

For shade from the sun and a pop-out extension of your motorhome, an awning is a great addition. And if you want to be extra fancy, motorhomes with a slide-out feature add up to 3 extra feet of space to an RV.

If you’re one of these fortunate owners, you’ll need to regularly check your awning and slide-outs. Make sure they’re working as they should be, and if there are any problems, get them fixed immediately before rust or other issues rear their heads.

6. Check Your Oil, Spark Plugs and Battery

The distinct advantage to a motorhome over a stationary caravan is its engine and mechanics. With a home on wheels, you have the option of action and adventure. You also have some extra maintenance to contend with.

Make sure your oil’s filled up, and your spark plugs are clean and functioning. You’ll also want to check and intermittently run your battery, especially if your motorhome’s on bricks for part of the year.

7. Top Up Your Tyres and Tighten the Wheel Bolts

Just as you’d check your car tyres’ tread and pressure, your motorhome tyres need the same attention. Make sure your RV’s tyre treads meet the UK legal requirement of at least 1.6mm.

The air pressure requirements should be mounted on the door of the cab, the equivalent of the driver’s door of your car. And while you’re down there, make sure your wheel bolts are in excellent condition and are on nice and tight.

8. Check Your Brakes and Tow Bar

Last on our list of camper maintenance tips is to check your vehicle’s brakes and tow bar. It seems rather obvious, but when you’re lugging around tons of weight while propelling down the motorway, you need to trust your stopping power. 

If you’ll be towing a car behind your motorhome, congrats on using your RV to the full! If this is you, you’ll need to make sure your tow bar and any accompanying electrical system are in safe and working order.

Also, if you’re fitting a tow bar to your motorhome for the first time, make sure it meets European Type Approval. You’ll need to look for a tow bar that is specifically designed for your RV type, so choose carefully.

Motorhome Maintenance Tips to Set You Right

If you want to keep a tidy motor-house, then motorhome maintenance is the number one answer. Use our motorhome maintenance checklist to ensure your camper is mould-free, watertight and fresh as a daisy.

Make sure all your appliances are all working and safe, and that any additional moving parts within your RV still function correctly. When you keep on top of your maintenance, you’ll be able to nip any issues in the bud while staying in the black.

Do you have a motorhome you’re looking to sell but don’t know where to start? Why not contact us today — our friendly customer service team are waiting to help.