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Motorhome Valuation 101: 10 Most In-Demand UK Motorhome Manufacturers

motorhome valuation

Motorhome holidays are on the rise in the UK. Today, Britains spend more than 2 billion pounds on motorhome and caravan holidays each year.

The biggest purchase of any motorhome holiday is buying the unit itself.

With so many options out there, choosing the right manufacturer makes all the difference.

If you want to maximize your motorhome valuation and choose the perfect unit for you and your family’s holiday, keep reading to learn 10 of the top manufacturers in the UK.

Auto-Sleepers Ltd

Auto-Sleepers has been producing high-quality motorhomes for more than 50 years now.

The manufacturer has perhaps the most interesting origin story in the industry. In 1961, the Trevelyan family wanted a motorhome to travel in on holiday to the South of France with their two sons. They decided to build their own from the ground up, basing their design on a Morris J2 van.

After the success of their first trip, the family decided to build an improved second model. It was this motorhome that attracted the attention of Bristol dealer Henlys. From there, orders were placed for 5 more models. Soon, the family was bringing on subcontractors and other staff.

Today, Auto-Sleepers is still family-focused, lead by passionate staff who understand just how important a high-quality motorhome is for enjoyable family holidays.

IH Motor Camper

If you’re looking for top motorhome value, IH Motor Camper is a manufacturer to consider.

IH Motor Camper’s focus is on top-quality designs and exceptional customer service. The brand has become an iconic British name because of its reputation for luxury and stunning designs.

One of the biggest benefits of an IH Motor Camper is that each unit is designed to maximize space. Whether you’re planning a weekend holiday or a long-term adventure, you can never have too much space.

RS Motorhomes

While many of the UK motorhome manufacturers on this list specialize in smaller units and campervan conversions, RS Motorhome offers a wider range of options. This includes several large motorhomes, great for families or long-term travel.

Known for their high-quality and luxury interiors, with RS Motorhomes you not only get more options for finding the right sized motorhome for you you, but also plenty of options for layout and interior design.

Timberland Motorhomes

One of the best motorhome brands for luxury models is Timberland Motorhomes.

Started in 1999, this young company delivers hand-built, customized motorhomes outfitted with every luxury you could ask for. Their work has quickly earned them a reputation for being reliable, long-lasting, and a great value for their price-points.

Without experience to rely on, new manufacturers need stunning designs, innovative features, and top-quality production to win over new customers. And with motorhome buyers getting younger and younger, and demanding new features, this is even more important.

While they may be a relatively new name, they are quickly earning a reputation throughout Europe for their pioneering approach to motorhomes. They are also known for offering models that make a motorhome holiday more accessible to everyone, rather than being reserved for the wealthy.


Auto-Trail motorhomes not only lead the way in the UK but are also some of the top motorhomes in the rest of the world as well. The brand is considered by many to be the UK’s leading motorhome manufacturer.

Their motorhomes have been designed and built in North Lincolnshire for more than 30 years. They offer a range of models in different sizes and price points.

Today, every unit is built on Fiat’s new Ducato chassis. Whatever your budget, Auto-Trail offers many different layouts and options to help you find the perfect model for your future travel plans.


Another leading name in British motorhome manufacturers is Romanhome. Also in production for more than 30 years, their motorhomes are known for their high interior comfort and low running cost.

Many of Romanhome’s motorhomes are built within smaller van models, making them ideal for city travel and tight parking situations. But don’t let their small size fool you. Inside, you’ll find innovative layouts that maximize space and storage options so you have a spot for everything on your packing list.

Romanhome also offers plenty of add-ons to help you customize your motorhome.

Mclaren Sports Homes Ltd

Mclaren Sports Homes Ltd offers hand-crafted van conversions for both the Mercedes Sprinter and VW Craft.

These conversions offer top-of-the-line luxury and quality. The manufacturer’s goal has long been to break away from the old-fashioned, cheap look of standard caravans. Their elite line of motorhomes features modern, luxurious interiors with creative layouts.

Swift Leisure

With a parent company that has been producing innovative products since 1964, Swift Leisure has followed that tradition with a line of well-designed motorhomes, in production since 1984.

Now, the manufacturer offers 7 distinct styles of the motorhome. Each style features high-quality production and ground-breaking interior designs.

The brand is also known throughout Europe for it’s superior support to both dealers and customers.

Devon Conversions

The oldest manufacturer on this list, Devon Conversions first started in 1956. Since then, they’ve been leading the way on designing motorhomes and conversions. Today, they offer a wide range of options in all sizes, price points, and interior options.

The company’s factory complex in County Durham features what may well be the largest display of motorhome conversions int he country. You can even take a tour of the factory to view the stages of conversion in person.

Motorhome Valuation: Choosing the Best Motorhome for You

If you want to maximize your motorhome valuation, you need to start by choosing the right manufacturer. Quality, innovative design, and unique features all play a role in determining what your caravan is actually worth.

Once you’ve bought the perfect unit for you, keeping the value of your motorhome as high as possible is a must. Whether you plan to sell it after a few months or a few years, not taking care of your motorhome from the start can destroy its value.

Check out these tips next to learn how to keep your motorhome ready for the road and in top shape for as long as possible.