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Motorhome Valuation

Motorhome Valuation: Small Fixes That’ll Boost the Resale Value of Your Motorhome

According to the NCC, there are over one million leisure caravans in the UK. The report states that there are 555,000 touring caravans, 365,000 caravan holiday homes, and 225,000 motorhomes.

Motorhomes and caravans are a great way to travel and enjoy great holidays both in the UK and abroad, which is why they are a popular choice for many. But sometimes you might want to upgrade or downsize your motorhome.

Keeping reading to learn more about how to get a motorhome valuation and how you can make small fixes to boost the resale value of your motorhome.

Resale Value of Your Motorhome

Buying a motorhome is a big commitment and one that requires a lot of investment on your part. For many people, a motorhome is a recreational vehicle which is enjoyed for many years or decades.

However, there may be a number of factors that contribute to you wanting to find out your motor home resale value.

For example, you might be looking to buy a bigger or smaller motorhome, or you might want to buy a newer motorhome. Or perhaps you just want to know how much your motorhome is currently worth.

The good news is that Brits are Europe’s biggest buyers of touring caravans and motorhomes and the UK market is second to the US, so if you want to resell your motorhome, now is a great time to do so.

The desire of Brits to have more staycations might be a contributing factor to the motorhome sales. Another contributing factor might be the desire of British families to spend more quality time together.

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that you should check out your travel trailer resale value.

Motorhome resale values can broadly differ, depending on a whole range of factors, such as the model and make, the size, the mileage, and the interior design.

To determine the exact value of your motorhome, you’ll need to enlist the help of online tools such as our calculator that can help you value your motorhome.

5 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Motorhome Resale Value

If you want to boost the resale value of your motorhome there are a few things that you can do. Some of which are very easy and simple to do, and they won’t cost too much.

1. Update Your Kitchen Appliances

The first thing you can do if you want to maximise your resale valuation is to update your kitchen appliances.

Although a full kitchen refurbishment can be costly, it will definitely boost the resale value of your motorhome. If your oven, fridge, counters, and sink are a little outdated, why not find some new appliances and refit your kitchen?

Buyers are more attracted to motorhomes that offer great kitchen designs and layouts that don’t scrimp on the essentials despite the lack of space.

2. Add in More Storage

The resale value of your motorhome will increase if you provide additional storage space. People expect to be able to take their possessions with them when they go away, so by adding smart storage solutions you’ll be helping them out.

For example, you might want to consider adding more cupboards to your motorhome. Or if you can’t find any more space, you might want to install beds and sofas that provide under storage space.

3. Upgrade Efficiency

Make your motorhome more environmentally friendly by making it more efficient. Efficiency is something that more and more people are searching for with their holidays, which is why staycations are on the rise.

According to a study by travel industry specialist Sojern, UK holiday searches and bookings are up by a third from this time last year.

To upgrade the efficiency of your motorhome you might want to consider adding solar panels to the roof. Solar panels ensure that motorhomes can be completely off the grid and appeal to more people because it helps them lower their costs.

4. Install More Safety Features

If you have an older motorhome then you might not have the latest safety technology features fitted. However, these can greatly boost the value of your vehicle, so you might want to think about installing them.

For example, you might want to install a wired or wireless backup camera, to ensure that the vehicle and those in it are safe. A backup camera can also be useful for tricky maneuvers as it can provide the driver with a better view.

You might also want to consider installing a surge protector, as this will ensure the safety of electrical appliances.

5. Get More Tech

Entertainment technology is very popular for motorhomes, so if you don’t already have them, try adding some flat-screen LED televisions. Entertainment features such as televisions can really boost your resale value. You might also want to think about adding mobile internet options to your motorhome.

Alternatively, you could add tech that can enhance the driving experience. Why not think about installing a satellite navigation system or a dashcam? These crucial accessories are pretty cheap to buy and install, but add a lot of value for buyers.

Get Your Motorhome Valuation Now

The first thing you need to do when getting a motorhome valuation is to find out how much your current motorhome is worth. Remember, most online tools offer a free valuation.

Once you have your valuation, you can either sell your motorhome then and there. Or you could add more value to your vehicle by adding some new features like the ones we suggested above. When you feel like you have boosted your resale value, check the valuation tool again and then sell it once you’re happy.

Contact us if you’re thinking of selling your motorhome and want some advice or assistance with the sale.