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Motorhome Valuation

Used Motorhome Valuations Make it a Good Time to Sell

Current Motorhome Valuations

A recent article by Glass’s Guide (Summer 2018) supports our own experience. The used motorhome market over the last few years has been booming. The article states that “In the used market, reports continue to show high levels of demand. Sales are solid in a market hindered by a lack of stock.” At¬†we have also found the used motorhome market to be very buoyant over the last two years. This has meant that motorhome valuations have held up very well with little depreciation.

What is Driving Motorhome Valuations?

The Glass’s article goes on to say “The market continues to see the arrival of first time buyers, who generally go down the used route for their first purchase, to experience motorcaravans for the first time. Existing owners are also opting to buy used units instead of new where they believe they can find better value for money.” One other factor that we would add to this is the Euro exchange rate. A lot of motorhomes, motorhome chassis and motorhome build parts are imported from Europe. The recent strength of the Euro against the pound has made all of these significantly more expensive. Which in turn, has seen the cost of many new motorhomes increase a great deal in price. This of course, drags the prices of used motorhomes along with it.

So Now is a Good Time to Sell My Motorhome?

Yes, now is a very good time to sell your motorhome! As we head into late summer 2018, perhaps there has never been a better time to sell a used motorhome. Of course, no one knows how long these favourable conditions will last. But right now, the market is buoyant, motorhome valuations are strong and as always, we are desperate to buy your motorhome. If you are thinking of selling your motorhome, start by getting your free motorhome valuation here.


Motorhome valuations

Motorhome valuations