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Motorhome Valuation

Motorhome Value: How Much Is Yours Really Worth?

motorhome value

A home on wheels. Perpetual open roads. No geographical boundaries. Infinite opportunity for relaxation.

It’s a budding passion for people all across the globe. Baby boomers love them; the younger generation wants them. But do they hold their value?

The answer is YES! Well, at least sometimes.

Here are a few things to consider with motorhome value.

The Initial Purchase

Campers, campervans, and motorhomes are just a few of the many recreational vehicles that entice consumers. With so many options, there are a few key considerations when purchasing: features, new vs used, and of course, price.

Ironically enough, though, we do not always consider resale value. A used motorhome value will be very different than a newer motorhome for sale.

When looking for a motorhome, we look for instant gratification. We want to be on the road. We want to travel. We want to see and experience the world around us.

The potential downside to these purchases, though, is that we may not always reap the intrinsic benefit in keeping our motorhome value when we decide to sell.

However, there is definitely a growing market for those interested in the motorhome lifestyle. Motorhomes are a growing market, which means they are becoming quite in-demand.

Time to Sell

When you’ve come to the end of the road with your carefree, life-on-the-road lifestyle, there is just one burning question that remains:

How much is my motorhome worth?

As with any vehicle, the resale value will never be exactly what you would like. Used motorhome value will depend on wear-and-tear, miles accrued, and overall appearance.

Finding a way to sell your motorhome may feel challenging, but it doesn’t have to; there are options.

Think of these things when you are ready to sell.

Learn the Value

A great way to learn about your motorhome value is to get an online estimate or get an estimate from a dealership.

Using criteria such as age, condition, and type of motorhome will help determine a base idea of the current market worth.


New versus used will make a large impact on value.

Newer motorhomes have updated features, more air and water tight bodies, and include recent safety modifications. Plus, some may still qualify for a warranty.

Older motorhomes may be a bit more difficult to sell, especially if there are some things that need to be fixed.

There are pros and cons of both a new and an old motorhome, but age will be a considerable factor in value.


If a motorhome is in pristine condition, finding a buyer will not be a difficult process. People always look for a great deal, but are still expecting a quality purchase.

On the other hand, if a motorhome looks like it’s been through The Great Deluge, or barreled over The Cliffs of Moor, then you may have quite the time trying to find a buyer.

If there is a noticeable musty smell or there are puddles of water from the last downpour, you may not make a sale anytime soon. If the outside looks like it went a few rounds with Mother Nature and/or a tree, you may have a hard time trying to sell.

When you reach the point in ownership where you are ready to don the sign of “Must Sell Motorhome” in the front windshield, consider taking a bit of time to fix or to update.

New tires, a nice cleaning, as well as fixing little things like light fixtures or simply caulking around the sinks, tubs, and toilets will help increase your used motorhome value.


Escaping on the open road and having your creature comforts on hand are two of the largest reasons for purchasing a motorhome.

Some of the most popular types of motorhomes in the UK, right now, are:

  • Hymer SupremeLine 708
  • Rapido 8094df
  • Chausson 711
  • Benimar Tessoro 483
  • Sun Living S 65SL
  • Lunar Cassini EL
  • Dethleffs Advantage Edition T 7051 EB

Having one of these models can definitely increase the odds of finding a prospective buyer, as well as getting top dollar.

Also, certain features included on or in your motorhome will help boost resale value. Some of the big things that buyers are looking for involve interior fixtures and finishes, sleeping arrangements, and living space size.

Trying to answer the question “How much is my motorhome worth?” will involve a number of factors. A great place to start the quest in finding out your used motorhome value is to check price guides for your area and your specific motorhome.

Motorhome for Sale

It’s official – you’re ready to sell your home on wheels.


There are a handful of ways to sell your motorhome. Deciding on which works best for you will fall to personal opinion.

Private Buyers

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful ways to advertise anything. If you know someone that is looking for a used motorhome for sale, that can be an easy way to pinpoint a buyer.

Another great way to find a private buyer is to advertise locally. Take a look at local apps such as Shpock, Gumtree, and even eBay can be great places to find a potential buyer.

Local RV Dealership

For those looking to make an upgrade or trade-in their motorhome, a dealership could be a good option.

Usually, dealerships have a good amount of wiggle room and can work to negotiate a fair trade-in price towards the purchase of a new motorhome.

Selling Online

A great opportunity to find out your motorhome value, as well as sell your motorhome, is to use an online company.

For those looking to trade in their road warrior status, selling to an online company can eliminate the hassle and the frustration in one easy click.

Offering a one-stop-shop to find the valuation of your motorhome, purchase, and even pick-up your motorhome for free are great ways to make the selling process easy and carefree.

Wondering how an online company can help you sell your motorhome?

If you are ready to move on to greener pastures without your motorhome, let us help. As the UK’s largest dedicated buyer of motorhomes, we can give you the freedom from hassle when it comes to selling your motorhome.

You’ve enjoyed life on the road. Now, we can ensure that you enjoy the end of the journey and life back at home.