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Sell My Campervan Now or Winterise it?

What Should I Do if I Don’t Sell My Campervan Before Christmas?

Many people think about selling their campervan before Christmas. It is a sensible time to dispose of a campervan. During the winter is when most people will use them the least. But sometimes, thinking “Sell my campervan” and getting around to it, are two different things. Despite best intentions, life just takes over and they don’t get around to selling. The problem is, if they were thinking about selling their campervan, that probably means they aren’t thinking of using it again any time soon. That can also mean that they are just a little bit less diligent about looking after their one time object of desire.

And who can blame them? Keeping a campervan in tip top condition is a bit of a labour of love. The problem is, once you stop doing that the gremlins can creep in, especially over winter. This can lead to expensive repair bills and in the worse case, a reduced value.

The Risks of Not Winterising Your Campervan

Your main enemy over the winter period is water. If water is left in your system and it freezes it can lead to split pipes, popped connectors and even boiler damage. A crack in a pipe doesn’t sound bad, but have you ever tried to trace all of the water pipes in your campervan? They are very well hidden and leaks can go undetected for a long time – long enough to cause serious water damage.

One of the other things that can happen when a campervan is not used for a period is that bacteria or biofilm systems can build up, even in winter.

What a Good Winterisation Should Include

There are a number of steps to winterising your campervan. At the very least you should drain down the water system. But there are other important steps to take as well.

The Options for Winterising Your Campervan

Really there are two ways to approach winterisation. Either do a bit of research yourself and adopt the DIY approach. Or use a commercial service that comes to your campervan and carries out a thorough winterisation. To see what this might include and how much it costs, there is a good example here at Habcheck motorhome winterisation.

So, if you are thinking “I should sell my campervan before Christmas”, contact Buy My Motorhome today for your free valuation. If you decide to hang on, please make sure you protect your motorhome over the winter period by winterising it. That way, it will be in the best condition to either continue to use or sell in the Spring, as you see fit.


Sell My Campervan

Sell My Campervan