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Sell My Motorhome and Pre-Purchase Inspections

The Rise of Pre-Purchase Inspections

In recent years we have seen a real increase in the number of motorhome buyers who are opting to have a pre-purchase inspection. This is a perfectly sensible thing for someone buying a used motorhome to do, but it can make the sale process more complicated. If you are thinking it is time to sell my motorhome, you ought to be prepared and understand what one is.

What a Pre-Purchase Inspection Is

A pre-purchase inspection is rather like a home buyer’s survey. It makes the buyer aware of hidden problems and allows them to make a fully informed decision about buying a particular motorhome. It can include an inspection of both the front end (cab, engine and chassis), and the rear end (habitation area). Checks are typically carried out by specialist company who provide a full report on their findings at the end – again, rather like a survey report. The report can cover any number of things and looks for obvious problems like damage and faulty operation.

However, one of the main areas covered by a pre-purchase inspection, is damp. Damp is the hidden problem that buyers fear most. We’ve all seen the damp horror stories, where damp has penetrated and gone undetected. In truth, just by the nature of their construction, most motorhomes will suffer from damp sooner or later. But it need not be a problem if caught and treated early.

Why People Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection

So why do people get a pre-purchase inspection? Well, to protect their money. To make sure the motorhome hasn’t got any nasty hidden problems. But also of course,  to use as a bargaining chip. Again, just like a house survey, any minor problems reported can be used to try and get a price reduction. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just that it makes the selling process more complicated. Do you accept the reduced offer? Do you hang on and hope to find another buyer? What if the next buyer gets a pre-purchase inspection as well? And is it ethical to sell your motorhome knowing that a problem has been uncovered by a pre-purchase inspection?

Sell My Motorhome? How Buy My Motorhome Can Help

One of the benefits of selling your motorhome to buymymotorhome.com is that you don’t have to worry about pre-purchase inspections. In fact, you don’t have to worry about the condition of your motorhome at all. When we say we will buy any motorhome regardless or age, mileage or condition, we really mean it. All we ask is that you give us an accurate description of your motorhome, warts and all, to enable us to give you an accurate motorhome valuation. That’s why when so many people think “It’s time to sell my motorhome”, they come to us. It’s just so quick and easy.

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