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Sell Your Current Motorhome: Tips for Attracting Motorhome Buyers

You are scouring the internet to find motorhome buyers. You bought a motorhome you now want to sell, but you’ve no idea where to start. How do you find motorhome buyers?

Many of our customers who want to sell their motorhome don’t have the time to bother with it. They find us because we buy their motorhomes, allowing them to get on with their lives. Along the way, we have learned various methods in selling your motorhome. These methods are tried and true and drawn from our extensive experience and knowledge about motorhome owners.

We are the best and largest independent company working with a group of leisure businesses who are knowledgeable and expert in buying motorhomes. We think it is important also to provide helpful tips and methods on attracting motorhome buyers.

How to Sell a Motorhome

One of the most important things to decide when selling your motorhome is where are you going to sell it? Are you going to list your motorhome in motorhome specialty magazine classified ads? That’s an option. But we have better options for you to consider.

One of the least effective ways to sell your motorhome is by putting a For Sale sign on the window when it’s parked in your driveway. We have more efficient ways to get your motorhome sold. Each day, we buy used, pre-loved camper vans, and RV motorhomes with realistic and fair cash offers. It’s done with our expert knowledge and skill backing us up. We offer one-of-a-kind fully inclusive dedicated buyer service.

Three Common Tips for Selling your Motorhome

There are three common tips and methods for selling your motorhomes. They are as follows;

  1. Use social media for listing your motorhome to attract local interest. Social media helps you find targeted populations and tie into your friends and associates. Your friends and associates and who they know can be of great help passing on your motorhome for sale information.
  • Three good social media websites to start with are Facebook, eBay, and Twitter.

You can have the best pictures of your motorhome listing it for sale, and if you don’t have relevant information written about it, it doesn’t mean much. You must write strong and relevant details about your motorhome if you want it to sell well.

  • Some of these details need to be things like; mileage, your typical maintenance items, etc. It’s also important to make your written ad easy to read.
  • The three keys words you want to remember when writing your classified ad is short, attractive, and relevant.

Go to various campervan parks around you and put your motorhome pictures and description on their neighborhood information boards. Every campervan park has a place where you can list items for sale, look for lost pets, etc.

  • Try to make sure you have at least ten good pictures at different angles consolidated on the one sales information sheet you are hanging up.

We provide smooth transactions for our customers when buying their motorhomes. We also make sure we have accurate, informative information about the motorhome. No matter what tip or method you choose to use when you sell your motorhome, the process should be as professional as we make it.

Selling Your Motorhome

We understand your motorhome has memories of adventures in every mile the motorhome traveled. Memories of good times can be a powerful selling tool. Use the memories from time to time when you are talking to someone interested in buying your motorhome.

There is something appealing about real and honest good memories associated with something you are selling. The same technique is used by real estate sellers when they’re selling homes. Everyone wants to live or travel in something possessing a good aura.

Two Unusual Tips for Selling your Motorhome

Two other tips and methods for how you can sell your motorhome may be unique but are just as effective as our other listed tips. They are;

  1. Cleaning your motorhome seems like a common sense thing to do when selling. But you’d be surprised at all the motorhomes we see for sale when it’s not done.
  • Make sure you clean your motorhome out before taking pictures of it or showing it to someone interested. We often tell our customers to spring-clean their motorhomes yearly.

It’s important to offer a pre-inspection checklist for the motorhome you’re listing for sale. Your motorhome’s picture and narrative are enough to get buyers interested. But if a motorhome buyer is serious about buying they’re going to need to see a pre-inspection checklist.

  • The pre-inspection motorhome checklist will have items listed on it like; the motorhome’s weight, TVs in the motorhome, air conditioner, waste system, freshwater system, etc.

Motorhome Buyers

Every motorhome buyer is looking for the best campervan they can get for the least amount of money. It’s the same thing you wanted when you purchased your motorhome. One of our off the record tips is motorhome buyers rarely buy a motorhome that’s been parked for a long time.

If your motorhome has any mold, smells, or odours, you aren’t going to get anything much for it. Make sure you keep your motorhome free from odours and take it out on the road from time-to-time to keep it fresh. If you are looking to buy or sell you want to do it when your motorhome has as much of its initial value as possible. We let you know the motorhome’s intrinsic value and worth. Then we buy your motorhome at a fair and reasonable price.

Efficient and Effective Tips for Selling your Motorhome

As a motorhome seller, you want to make sure you provide potential motorhome buyers with the last two items. These last two tips are effective sales tools for helping you sell your motorhome. You want to;

  1. List your motorhome for sale in a season where people are out and about traveling. The worst thing you can do is list your motorhome for sale when school starts or in the dead of winter with sleet, rain, or ice on the roads.
  • You aren’t going to get many interested motorhome buyers during these times. So wait it out and when the season is bright, and travel-friendly you can start listing your motorhome for sale.

Make sure time and use haven’t turned the valves on your motorhome into steady and smoky leaks. If when you start your motorhome up, you see black or blue smoke you have leaky valves issues.

The motorhome buyer is going to know you have leaky valve issues too, so address everything that needs fixing before you list it for sale.

Best Ways to Sell Your Motorhome

Now you know seven of the best tips in finding motorhome buyers. But, it’s important to note, we offer one of the best options for buying your motorhome. We are the UK’s most dedicated and largest motorhome buyer for a reason. The reason is we are the one-stop does it all business for valuing and buying motorhomes.

We want you to get the price you want for your motorhome so you can move onto the next stage in your life. We also offer significant motorhome resources. These resources are full of information, facts, and financial help with selling your motorhome.

We want you to travel in the style and manner most suited to your lifestyle. When the time comes, and you want to sell your motorhome, reach out to us. Everyone should have the opportunity to sell their motorhome and receive a reasonable and fair price.