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Touring Europe in a Motorhome: 9 Practical Tips

touring europe in a motorhome

We love the UK, but there’s only so much of it to see. Touring around Europe in a motorhome is a great way to expand your horizons.

Did you know there are more than 225,000 motorhomes in use in the UK? Someone’s putting the miles on. So, why not you? Jump in your motorhome, take the Chunnel or the ferry, and check out some amazing camping spots across Europe. You won’t regret it.

There are so many things that you should know before you do make that trip, though. Rules and regulations, how to book a site, where to find refills for LPG, how big your motorhome is, and so on.

You’ve packed everything but the kitchen sink. Oh, wait, you’ve got one of those in your motorhome! Unless, of course, it doesn’t and you’ve just realised you actually need a different motorhome.

We want you to enjoy your touring Europe in your motorhome. So here are 9 handy tips you need to read before you turn the ignition key.

Essential Items

A Sat-Nav and the ability to connect to WiFi are crucial.

It’s worth packing a good, old-fashioned map, just in case, but when you’re on the road having a Sat-Nav unit is second-to-none. No one in your motorhome really wants to play navigator when there’s so much to see around you.

When you pull into your campsite at the end of the day, having WiFi means you can connect to the world. Your kids can enjoy their music or what a YouTube video, and you’ll have the weather forecast at your fingertips.

All the Power

Power sources are different in Europe and it’s not always guaranteed that you will find a campsite with power. An inverter is a handy accessory. Connect it to your leisure battery and add an extension lead and you can charge your phones and laptops as you drive the scenic roads.

A generator is also well worth the money. Yes, they are loud when you run them, but if you happen to be stopped in the middle of nowhere or your site isn’t an electric one, you’ll find it extremely useful.

A solar panel is a good alternative if you are a little more environmentally conscious.

Don’t forget to keep a spare can of petrol, too. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find a petrol station when you really need it. This little tip will stop your motorhome holiday from being ruined!

Technology is Your Friend

By technology, we really mean, apps. There are some excellent apps you can download to help your trip go smoothly.

Park4Night helps you locate all camping spots in your area. Camper Contact does the same but you can filter for motorhome-specific sites. Britstops tells you where to find free overnight parking for motorhomes.

Google Translate isn’t an app, of course, but it’s a superb helper when your French isn’t quite what you thought it was!

Types of Camping Sites

When you’re ready to pull off the road for the night (or longer) you’ve got a few choices in what kind of site to choose from.

There’s the full-service style spot. These are usually more modern with lots of amenities. There’s a good bet they’ll have electric hookups, too.

Rustic sites will often have showers and toilets but may not offer you electricity.

Or, you can look for somewhere that isn’t even a campsite. There are a lot of places you can pull over for free and spend a night. They’re often in really unusual and interesting locations, too. Just make sure you know the local laws.

Staying Safe on the Road

When you’re touring Europe in a motorhome, we want you to be safe. Motorhoming is a safe and fun holiday but it’s worth taking precautions, too.

It’s not 999 to call for emergency services, it’s 112.

Theft is, sadly, something we all have to be aware of. Take obvious steps to minimise the risk. Keep valuables out of sight when you’re not in the motorhome. If you have something you can lock your valuables in, do so.

Fit a deadlock to your door and always carry a spare key with you, too. Trust us, losing your key is not the way you want to ruin your holiday!

Legal Dos and Don’ts

Boring? Maybe. Important? Absolutely. You must know the different rules for each country you drive in. Just one tiny example is that there are different laws about driving and using phones in different countries.

Keep cash on hand just in case you are stopped by the police for doing something wrong. Many fines in Europe must be paid on the spot.

Also, make sure you have these items with you:

  • Motorhome insurance and official logbook
  • Health insurance
  • MOT
  • Driving license and passports
  • European Health Insurance Cards
  • Documentation for your pets
  • GB sticker for your motorhome
  • First-aid kit
  • Warning triangle and high-vis vest

On the Roads When You Tour Europe in a Motorhome

You know this, but, drive on the other side! Obvious, right? Still, we wanted to make sure. Don’t forget to put headlight deflectors on your motorhome so that your lights shine the right way.

Keep your lights on. Some countries require sidelights on all the time. Some require headlights on all the time. The best rule of thumb is simply to turn your lights from automatic settings to on when you’re driving.

There’s a lot of different things to know about the roads in each country. From types of signs to toll roads. The AA has a great little handbook to take a look at.

Toys and Accessories

When you’re on holiday in your motorhome you’re going to want to do stuff. Bikes, scooters, and so much more.

Here’s a short list of things you might never have thought about that are fun and handy.

  • Hairdryer (trust us)
  • Propane fire pit (for when you’re not in a campsite but still want the ambiance)
  • Hammocks (just to chill)
  • Curtains that actually block the sun! (Sleep in. You’re on holiday, after all)
  • Bluetooth speaker (for when you’re sitting around the campfire but no one plays the guitar)

There’s literally hundreds of fun, unusual, and useful items you can put in your motorhome.

The Smelly Stuff

Your motorhome will store your toilet waste until you can find a place to empty it, but those colourful chemicals will ensure your motorhome doesn’t smell like the men’s bathroom at the end of a long Friday night.

The blue chemicals break the waste down and masks the smell. The green option is simply an environmentally friendly version of the same thing. The pink is for flushing and keeps everything clean and fresh.

We could go on, but that’s the most important part. Keeping your motorhome clean and people-friendly will make your adventure that much better.

Time to Get on the Road!

There’s so much fun to be had touring Europe in a motorhome.

With these handy tips, you might well need to upgrade or replace your current motorhome. We’re the largest dedicated buyer of motorhomes in the UK. That means we know what we’re doing. We can get you the best price for your motorhome so that you have more money to spend on your next one.

Visit our website to learn more about our services or get a quick and easy valuation on the motorhome you want to sell.