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We Buy Any Motorhome – The Story Behind Our Claim

We Buy Any Motorhome

You may have seen on our website and in our marketing, our claim that we buy any motorhome. Well, it isn’t just a marketing strapline – we really will. In the article below we explain what our business model is and why we are able to buy any motorhome. First though, a bit of history. is the UK’s oldest specialist motorhome buying service. Coincidentally, the business came into being at the same time as, about ten years ago. The two businesses weren’t connected. It was just a case of an idea coming of age, facilitated by the internet.

However, we do have to thank for spending millions of pounds on marketing and educating the public at large about vehicle buying services. It made our job easier as people quickly came to understand what a specialist vehicle buying service was and the advantages of using one. That is, the solution to the problem of how to sell a vehicle quickly and easily.  In our case, it just takes one phone call and we do the rest. Nothing like us had ever existed in the motorhome market before. Today we are the established market leaders and buy more motorhomes than anyone else in the UK.

What We Mean by “Motorhome”

The first thing we ought to clear up is what we mean by “Motorhome”. We use the word “Motorhome” in its widest possible sense, to include campervans, campers and RVs. So, we buy any campervan, camper, RV etc. etc. If it has four wheels and accommodation, we will buy it!

How Our Business Works

Just like, we are the “Middleman”, if you will. We are the oil in the wheels of the motorhome market. On one side, we have motorhome owners who wish to sell. On the other side we have companies and people that wish to buy motorhomes. We are the marketplace in the middle, making a small commission on every motorhome we buy and sell.

This is how we help our customers. They have a motorhome or campervan they wish to sell, but they have no guaranteed way of selling it quickly and easily. We on the other hand, have the widest contact list of motorhome buyers in the UK. They range from large dealers, to small dealers, to motorhome repair businesses and private individuals, right across the country. And vitally, between them, they cater for every part of the market. So we have buyers for large, expensive, nearly new motorhomes, right through the range down to small, cheap, high mileage campers needing some TLC.

We Buy Any Make, Model or Age of Motorhome in Any Condition

It is this range of motorhome buyers that allows us to say we buy any motorhome. We buy motorhomes that are in the hundred thousand pounds plus bracket. We buy campers for a couple of thousand pounds. And we buy everything in between. Some of our buyers like pristine motorhomes that they don’t have to touch. At the other end of the scale, some of our buyers specifically look for low cost campervans that are in poor condition and need work doing to them. The point is, we can confidently claim that we will buy any motorhome because we know we will have a buyer looking for that exact thing.

This puts us in a unique position in the motorhome market. We really do grease the wheels of the market, freeing it up and allowing more transactions to take place quicker.

The Alternatives for Motorhome Sellers

Now at this point, you may be thinking, yes but I might be able to sell for more through a broker like or by advertising it privately. That is perfectly true, but what we offer is an alternative to those options. They take time and with private advertising, up front costs, with no guarantee of success. The whole point of our service is certainty, speed and ease. Whatever you have to sell, you can get a price from us today knowing that you will have the money in your bank very shortly.

So, there we are. You now know a bit more about our business and how we can make the claim that we buy any motorhome. To put us to the test, you can call us on 01623 631102 or click motorhome valuation for your free online valuation.


We Buy Any Motorhome

We Buy Any Motorhome