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Motorhome Valuation

Advertise and Sell Your Motorhome

There are a number of ways you can sell your motorhome; national media like Autotrader, motorhome and caravan magazines, local advertising, web advertising, ebay or even putting a for sale sign in the window. You may have tried selling things through these routes before. The problem is that the costs can mount up and you have absolutely no idea how long it might take to find a buyer, if at all.

Some of our customers come to us after speaking to their local motorhome traders or campervan traders, but they soon realise that these motor home traders are focused on selling motorhomes rather than being motorhome buyers.

There are also the added security issues of having strangers looking over your vehicle and home and whether their payment is secure. This explains why most people are hesitant to try and sell privately and end up part exchanging their motorhome for a reduced value.

We are a Dedicated Motorhome, Campervan & Camper Traders

But that just means you miss out on the great deals available to cash buyers. And what if you aren't buying another motorhome and just want to sell?

How We Solve the Problem For You

Our solution is simple and easy. We are the UK's largest dedicated buyer of motorhomes and we are always looking to buy. If you want to sell, we want to buy. We will provide you with a personal valuation, come and collect your motorhome FREE and arrange secure payment – it really is that easy for you.

What to Do Now

The first step is for us to value your motorhome. This is very easy, free and completely without obligation. Simply enter your registration in the blue box and then complete the short form that appears.

Motorhomes have many variations and we may need to call you with a few additional questions, so please do include your phone number.

More Info About Selling Your Motorhome

The problems of trying to sell your motorhome privately: many of our customers have tried to advertise a motorhome themselves. Advertising a motorhome seems simple enough, but they are always disappointed by the results. Wasted campervan advertising costs, no response to advertising my motorhome, having to haggle with time wasters and security worries, top the list of problems.

Is It Better To Advertise My Motorhome Myself?

Advertising a motorhome for a quick and easy sale, whether online or by means of a more traditional advertising medium, can be fraught with inconvenience at the best of times. One of the trickiest problems you may encounter when advertising and selling your motor home directly to another party on your own terms is that of choosing a fair asking price.

Deciding on a realistic value for used campervans or pre-owned motor homes can be almost impossible if you are inexperienced in such matters which is why it is typically much easier to rely solely on the advice of a dedicated specialist.

Of course, the decision of whether or not to advertise a used motor home privately or to sell it on to a committed trader who deals exclusively in the purchase pre-loved RVs and camper vans is a choice which requires comprehensive thought and detailed consideration up front.

Advertise Your Motorhome

Advertising My Motor Home - A More Practical Alternative!

If you are serious about advertising either one or more used motor homes yourself but you are worried about not getting a decent price for your camper van or recreational vehicle then it makes more than good sense to consider the available options in full before making any kind of commitment.

You can save yourself a great deal of potentially wasted time and money simply by filling in a few basic details and obtaining a free quote from an experienced company such as ourselves - as you will find that we deal strictly in nothing other than the purchase of both new and old used RVs and motor homes which puts in the best possible position to provide a fair and honest deal for your vehicle, regardless of age, make, model and condition.

Used RVs, second user camper vans and previously owned motor homes which are no longer needed or wanted by their original owners and ready and waiting to be exchanged for a highly welcome cash offer which can be transferred to your bank account almost immediately.

Perhaps you are looking for extra funds to purchase a recently advertised motorhome which takes your fancy as an upgrade to your current model but you are looking for a better price than the part exchange deal that is currently on the table.

Or it may be that you have just moved house and there is simply no storage space available for your motorhome when you are not using it - so the time has come to regrettably say goodbye to your trusted friend!

Whatever the reason is for advertising your beloved motor home, just give us a call whenever you have decided and let our trusted experts put your mind at ease instantly and provide you with the practical cash offer that you want and deserve with the minimum of fuss and complication.